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Sharps disposal container cap securement arrangement

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5690242.

A sharps disposal container cap securement arrangement includes a container with a neck having an opening at a top thereof through which sharps may be placed for disposal within the container, a cap adapted to screw downward over and around the neck of the container to close the opening and to provide a fluid-tight seal therewith once the cap is screwed down on the neck, an annular lock collar rotatably mounted around an exterior surface of the neck of the container, detents formed on the exterior surface of the neck of the container and on the collar for supporting the collar on the neck for movement between a lowered unlocked condition and a raised locked condition in response to the lock collar being rotated between first and second positions relative to the neck, and cooperative series of one-way teeth formed on the collar and on the cap for securing the cap to the collar and thereby preventing unscrewing of the cap from the neck of the container once the cap is screwed down on the neck providing the fluid-tight seal and the lock collar has been rotated from the first to second position.

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