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A.sub.3 adenosine receptor agonists

Image Number 14 for United States Patent #5688774.

The present invention provides A.sub.3 selective agonists, particularly, adenine compounds having selected substituents at the 2, 6, and 9 positions, and related substituted compounds, particularly those containing substituents on the benzyl and/or uronamide groups, as well as pharmaceutical compositions containing such compounds. The present invention also provides a method of selectively activating an A.sub.3 adenosine receptor in a mammal, which method comprises acutely or chronically administering to a mammal in need of selective activation of its A.sub.3 adenosine receptor a therapeutically or prophylactically effective amount of a compound which binds with the A.sub.3 receptor so as to stimulate an A.sub.3 receptor-dependent response.

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