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Slurry-loadable electrical initiator

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5686691.

Slurry-loadable electrical initiators are disclosed. In one aspect, a fuel slurry and oxidizer slurry are separately prepared and then mixed (e.g., in a static mixer) into a pyrotechnic material slurry. The pyrotechnic material slurry is loaded into the initiator (e.g., by a positive displacement pump). An ignition assembly which includes a header having at least one electrically conductive pin and a bridgewire between the header and the pin are installed such that the bridgewire appropriately interfaces with the pyrotechnic material of the initiator. In another aspect, another of the electrical connectors for the header is a shell and is joined to the header by a crimped connection or by a welded connection which also interconnects the shell with the charge cup which contains the pyrotechnic material.

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