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Locking mechanism for a folding knife

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5685079.

A folding knife is disclosed having a unique locking mechanism which prevents the blade from being closed when the knife is in use. The locking mechanism provides a rolling lock carried by the knife mechanism having a lever that is movable between two positions. In an unlocked position, the blade may be rotated between the extended and closed positions. With the lever in the locked position, the blade is held in the extended position. The blade provides a base having a cam surface and a notch in that surface. The rolling lock provides a cylindrical body having a notch. When the rolling lock lever is in the unlocked position and the blade is extended, the notch in the cylindrical body of the rolling lock occupies the same space as the notch in the cam surface of the blade, allowing the cam surface of the base of the blade to rotate through the notch in the rolling lock. When the rolling lock lever is in the locked position, the notch in the cylindrical body of the rolling lock is rotated away from the blade, and the cylindrical body of the rolling lock is present in the notch in the blade. As a result, the blade will not pivot unless sufficient force is applied to the blade to shear the cylindrical body of the rolling lock.

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