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Fluorescent-lighted four post bed

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5683169.

An improved bed-lighting mechanism having a headboard (10) and footboard (11) attached perpendicular to left (12) and right (13) side rails which have left (20) and right (21) cable guards attached beneath and parallel to them, respectively. Four-foot (14A and 14B) and six-foot (17A and 17B) bedposts sandwich four-foot (15) and six-foot (18) fluorescent-light tubes and are attached perpendicular to the corner joint formed by the headboard (10) and footboard (11) to the left (12) and right (13) side rails. End caps (16 and 19) sit atop and below the bedposts (14A, 14B, 17A, and 17B). The fluorescent-light tubes (15 and 18) are encased by protective plastic sheaths (54). A ballast and switch box (55) houses a ballast (25) that powers the two, four-foot fluorescent-light tubes (15) and a ballast (26) that powers the two, six-foot fluorescent-light tubes (18). The ballast and switch box (55) has a power cord (29) and a power/dimmer switch (30) running into it and wiring (31 and 32) threaded through conduit pipe (28) running out of it to power and control the fluorescent-light tubes (15 and 18).

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