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Handlebar stem assembly and fork of a bicycle having expander nut structure

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5680798.

An improved assembled structure of a handlebar stem assembly and a fork of a bicycle wherein a handlebar stem assembly is inserted into a steer tube; the handlebar stem of the handlebar stem assembly is provided with a step which abuts against a pressure adjuster on a top end of the steer tube such that the pressure adjuster exerts a downward force to secure the upper bearing assembly in place; by relative movement between the cooperative tapered contact surfaces of the handlebar stem and tongue-shaped tube placed below the handlebar stem, the outer sides of the handlebar stem and the tongue-shaped tube abut against the inner wall of said steer tube in order to secure said handlebar stem to steer tube and obtain axial and radial positioning of the handlebar stem. The handlebar stem can be provided with external threads rather than a step for being engaged with a locking nut which acts as a step for abutting against the pressure adjuster.

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