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Trousers and process of producing same

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5680655.

A pair of trousers including two leg coverings adapted to cover two legs of a wearer, respectively, each of the leg coverings including a front and a rear half, the front and/or rear halves having a crease line extending over a vertical length thereof, and two side portions extending along the crease line on both sides of the crease line, respectively; a first tape having a predetermined width, the first tape being adhered to respective inner surfaces of the side portions over a partial or entire length of the side portions along the crease line, so as to prevent respective parts of the side portions from opening in a direction in which the distance between the respective parts of the side portions increases; and one or more second tapes provided on, and adhered to, the first tape so as to prevent the first tape from stretching in a direction of width thereof because of tensile forces exerted thereto to open the side portions.

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