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Thermocouple probe

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5678926.

A thermocouple probe 10 suitable for use in a gas turbine engine comprises a thermocouple element 12 which is coaxially arranged inside a protective sheath 16. The thermocouple element 12 is resiliently supported by a helical member 18 which insulates the element 12 from deleterious vibrations induced in the sheath 16. In use, the thermocouple probe 10 projects through an aperture 30 in the casing 32 of a gas chamber 34. Vibrations in the probe 10 are further reduced by ensuring that the longitudinal axis AA of the probe is angularly offset from the central axis BB of the aperture 30, such that the outer periphery of the sheath 16 is in contact with the inner periphery of the aperture 30 in two diametrically opposite and axially offset locations.

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