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Firearm with safety device

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5671560.

A firearm including a frame having a grip for manually grasping the firearm, a control member movable to enable firing the firearm, a locking device including a latch element movable by an inserted key either to a locking position or to a releasing position, and a locking member movably carried by the frame. A spring urges the locking member into contact with the control member such that the locking member moves with the control member to enable firing the firearm. The locking member is located with respect to the latch element of the locking device so as to be engaged thereby when the latch element is in its locking position, to block the movement of the locking member, and thereby to prevent the firing of the firearm when the latch element is in its locking position. Two embodiments are described: a semi-automatic pistol, wherein the control member is a pivotal safety lever; and a revolver, wherein the control member is a rebound slide.

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