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Speedloader for magazines of automatic rifles

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5669171.

This speedloader, which is usable to facilitate the loading of bullets into the magazine of an automatic rifle, comprises a casing that has a passage extending therethrough from its top to its bottom, the passage having an open top through which bullets may be fed and an open bottom into which the top of the magazine may be inserted. The speedloader also comprises means for fastening the magazine to the casing in a position within the passage that allows bullets to be fed through the top of the passage into the magazine. Atop the casing is an adapter for releasably attaching to the casing a stripper clip holding bullets. Means is provided for fastening the casing to the belt of a rifle-user so that the casing remains fixed to the belt, and hence to the waist of the rifle-user, as bullets are pushed downwardly off the stripper clip into the magazine.

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