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Double shield mouth-to-mouth resuscitator mask with barrier for contaminated fingers

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5664559.

The invention is directed to a mouth-to-mouth manually manipulated resuscitation mask of the type having a one-way valve through which air is delivered from an operator's mouth to a victim's mouth and lungs through the valve. The resuscitation mask includes a first flexible barrier. The flexible material is capable of providing a sealing contact with a victim's face in a region adjacent the victims mouth. The flexible material has an opening for a one-way valve. A second flexible barrier in the form of a thin sheet of flexible material has an opening the periphery of which is secured to the first flexible barrier and the valve to thereby provide a spatially separated region between the first and second barriers to thereby isolate the mouth and face of the operator from the area where the operator's fingers/hands make contact on the first flexible barrier. An additional feature of the invention is the provision of a region in the first flexible barrier means having a pre-established elastic memory such that upon release of the manually applied pressure to the first flexible barrier the regions having the pre-established elastic memory initially flexed by the manually applied pressure return to an original unflexed position thereby lifting and unsealing the first flexible barrier from the victim's mouth/face allowing passage of air from the victim's nose and mouth.

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