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System for protecting a target from missiles

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5661254.

Described is a system (10) for protecting a target such as an armoured vehicle, a bunker or the like from missiles. The protective system (10) has a launching container (12) with at least one launching tube (36) for an associated fragmentation projectile (38), mounted adjustably on a base portion (14). A sensor arrangement (26, 28) is provided for detecting the target to be combatted and aligning the launching container (12) with the target to be combatted. A control device (32) for a drive arrangement (24) is connected together with the sensor arrangement (26, 28) by way of a signal processing device (30). The drive arrangement (24) serves for aligning the launching container (12) with respect to the base portion (14). The/each fragmentation projectile has a special fragmentation filling (40) and a fuse device (44) for controlling the time of detonation.

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