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Ion vapour deposition apparatus and method

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5660693.

Spectacle lenses are coated by ion vapor deposition by means of sputtering target materials. A plurality of lenses to be coated are introduced into a sputtering chamber by a load lock device, and when in the chamber the lenses are covered by a disc which is rotated at high speed (50/60 rpm). During this rotation alternate targets of magnetrons are sputtered releasing metal particles which are oxidized by an oxygen plasma created by a third magnetron and metallic oxide coatings are formed on the lenses as alternate layers of different materials. At the end of the operation of coating, which is pre-programmed, the lenses are returned automatically to the load lock device from whence they can be removed. After placement or the lenses in the load lock device the entire process is effected automatically by pressing a button.

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