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Adaptive holder, extension handle and toothbrush guide for a toothpaste dispenser

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5660216.

An adaptive holder for a pump-style dispenser is disclosed. The holder includes a holder base and at least two converging side rails slanted from top to bottom and connected to the holder base. The dispenser base slides between and under the top of the converging side rails until it is secured to the holder base by frictional compression forces between the dispenser base, the converging side rails and the holder base. A toothbrush holder system for positioning a toothbrush in proximity to the dispenser is disclosed. A toothbrush holder base is secured in the adaptive holder along with the dispenser. The toothbrush is supported by support base and held in proper position by the side rails. As an alternative, the adaptive holder which includes a support rail can be provided with a toothbrush support base and toothbrush guide rails. The adaptive holder can be provided with support arms and an extension handle arm pivotally connected to the support arms. When the extension arm is depressed the pump actuator is also depressed. The extension arm can be adjustable to accommodate various sized dispensers and to dispense different amount of toothpaste. A nozzle closing plug can be located on the extension arm such that the extension arm can be pivoted to insert the closing plug into the nozzle.

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