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Centrifugal blood pump

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5658136.

The centrifugal blood pump has a pump rotor (15) arranged inside a housing (13) which is closed with the exception of a blood outlet (15') and a blood inlet (14). The rotatable pump rotor (15) inside the housing (13) is driven by an external drive motor (10) via a magnetic coupling. The magnetic coupling is provided by thin exterior permanent magnets (21) circumferentially distributed around the rotor (15) on a coupling part (12,20) connected to the external drive motor (10) and correspondingly thin circumferentially distributed permanently magnetized ferromagnetic regions (17,18) of the pump rotor which are coupled with the permanent magnets (21) to form a magnetic field bridge (22) and thus to avoid axially directed tilting or tipping moments. The pump rotor (15) can be additionally stabilized against translational motion in the radial direction by a mechanical bearing device (24) for the rotor which is provided inside an interior space through which blood flows in the pump housing.

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