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Arm wrestling apparatus

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5655769.

An improved arm wrestling apparatus for competitively matching the physical strength of two or more players as between the players. The apparatus includes first and second arm rods for transferring the forces exerted by one or more players along to the other players. The first and second arm rods are rotatably connected to each other through first and second couplers and a connector bar to prevent the arm bars from rotating beyond a predetermined angle. A set of arm bars are fixedly connected to the ends of the first and second arm rods for accepting and exerting the forces exerted and accepted by the players. The arm wrestling machine also includes a locking assembly for halting and releasing the connector bar. The locking assembly includes a support for the locking pin, a spring for biasing the locking pin in one direction, a lever for transferring force to the locking pin, and a controller for exerting or removing forces on the lever. The arm wrestling apparatus also includes a game portion. The game portion includes a generally planar surface pivotally disposed about a pivot point. The generally planar surface is coupled to the arm bar handles through a coupling means, the coupling means transferring forces, exerted on the handles, to the planar surface, the transferred forces causing the planar surface to pivot about the pivot point.

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