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Clip-on shoehorn

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5655693.

A clip-on shoehorn making it possible for an individual to slip his foot into a shoe despite a physical disability which impairs his ability to do so with the assistance of a conventional shoehorn. The clip-on shoehorn is provided with a U-curved blade of flexible material whose opposing flanks engage and spread out the sides of the shoe when the blade is inserted therein whereby the blade enlarges the entry to the shoe and serves as a chute for the entering foot. Extending upwardly from the blade is an elongated handle, permitting the individual who grasps the handle to insert the blade into the shoe without having to bend down. Joined to the rear of the blade adjacent its upper end is a clip formed by a pair of superposed flexible strips which when the blade is inserted in the shoe then clamp onto the counter of the shoe to hold the blade in place. Tethered to the upper end of the handle is a clasp which when the blade is inserted in the shoe is then attachable to the tongue of the shoe to keep it away from the entry thereto while the foot is being slipped into the shoe.

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