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Method for rinsing wafers adhered with chemical liquid by use of purified water

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #5651836.

A method for rinsing wafers having residual chemical liquid adhering thereto with purified water is disclosed which is characterized by the steps of preparing a rinsing tank provided in the upper part thereof with an overflow discharge part for spent rinsing liquid and a head tank disposed above the rinsing tank, storing purified water for rinse in the head tank, setting in place in the rinsing tank a basket having a plurality of wafers stowed therein parallelly as suitably spaced in such a manner that the surfaces of the wafers may lie substantially vertically, feeding the purified water from the headtank to the rinsing tank by virtue of head, causing the purified water to flow upward from below the basket, and enabling the spent rinsing liquid to be discharged through the overflow discharge part in an amount equivalent to part or the whole of the purified water fed from the head tank.

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