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Contact terminal of a memory card plug connector

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5651705.

A contact terminal having two locating portions at two opposite ends for receiving a contact pin, a curved mounting tail longitudinally backwardly extended from one locating portion for fastening to the memory card, an upper connecting portion and a lower connecting portion connected between the locating portions at different elevations, the upper connecting portion and the lower connecting portion having a respective contact portion curved inwards in the middle toward each other for holding down the contact pin, and a longitudinal clamping strip suspended from one locating portion, the longitudinal clamping strip having one end extended from one locating portion toward the other locating portion, an opposite end suspending between the upper connecting portion and the lower connecting portion, and a contact portion curved inwards in the middle toward the contact portions of the upper connecting portion and the lower connecting portion for contact with the contact pin.

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