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Portable acoustic shell

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5651405.

An improved collapsible stage panel assembly having a base, a vertical panel rigidly attached to the base, an intermediate panel pivotally connected to the top of the rigid vertical panel, a canopy panel pivotally connected to the intermediate panel and a kicker panel pivotally connected to the bottom of the rigid vertical panel. The stage panel assembly has a mechanical assisting device between the rigid vertical panel and the intermediate panel to provide a counter balancing force against the combined weights of the intermediate and canopy panels. A second mechanical assisting device extends between the intermediate panel and the canopy panel to provide a counter balancing force against the weight of the canopy panel. An automatic locking device provides for the locking of the intermediate panel in its extended position relative to the rigid vertical panel when the intermediate panel is placed in its extended position. The improved panel assembly allows for easier conversion between the extended configuration of the panel assembly suitable for combination with other such assemblies to form an acoustic reflecting shell and the folded storage configuration where the panels can be nested together for storage in a minimum of space.

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