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Simulator and practice method

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5649706.

A hunting simulator having a projection of a moving target in life-size as in a natural environment is provided for practice shooting of a missile such as an arrow, dart, bullet, etc. The missile is detected in-flight in a detection plane set apart from a projection screen so the missile is detected undisturbed before impacting on the screen. The primary detector includes a continuously-illuminating LED emitter and a CCD camera sensor collocated with the emitter with a field of view in a detection area within the plane. Retroreflective tape on a perimeter about the detection area efficiently returns emitter radiation to the sensor. Detection is when a missile causes a shadow on the tape with an interruption of reflected light to the sensor, although in an alternative embodiment, the retroreflective tape is installed on the missile instead of the detection plane perimeter. In further alternative embodiments, second and third detection planes between the primary plane and an area from which missiles are launched are used to track and identify simultaneous missiles shot by 2 or more players. Computer-generated game sequences can also be projected instead of life-like hunting scenes.

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