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Luggage rack for a motor vehicle with a steeply inclined end

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5649655.

A luggage rack for a motor vehicle with a steeply inclined end has a rear carrier on the steeply inclined end and a roof-mounted carrier. The rear carrier has a guide rail arrangement which corresponds to the gauge of guide rails of the roof-mounted carrier, as well as a lifting mechanism provided with a receiving device for securing and lifting a suitcase. The receiving device engages a receiving shaft of the suitcase in such a manner that, in an upper lifting position, the suitcase can be swivelled about the receiving shaft in the direction of the guide rails of the roof-mounted carrier. The suitcase may be provided with wheels which engage in the guide rails, or the suitcase may be attached to a dolly with wheels which engage in the guide rails.

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