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Reciprocating stroke drive mechanism for jigsaws

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5644846.

In order to improve a reciprocating stroke drive mechanism for sabre saws, with a slide (5), with a saw blade (2) which is fastened in a detachable manner to the slide (5), with a slide carrier (7) which forms a slide guide and which is supported in a rotatable manner, a connecting link (9) which is driven in an eccentric manner by a shaft (11) of a motor for the creating of the up and down movement of the slide (5), and with a reciprocating stroke arrangement in such a way that operation of the reciprocating stroke drive mechanism that is as reliable as possible is attained with as few moving parts as possible, it is suggested that the reciprocating stroke drive mechanism include the following: A balancing mass (13) which can be moved up and down vertically with the slide (5) and a pivoting fork (19) which is mounted in a rotatable manner underneath the balancing mass (13) and the first lever arm (18) of which lies against the saw blade (2), and on the second lever arm (20) of which there is configured a sliding surface (17) which is inclined to the horizontal and along which the balancing mass (13) slides for the creating of a horizontal reciprocating stroke movement of the saw blade (2) while exerting a downward-directed vertical pressure.

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