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Splicer for webs of packaging material wound onto bobbins

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5639338.

An apparatus for splicing webs with little or no reduction in the operating speed. The apparatus includes a first pivoting member and a fixed opposing element, a second pivoting member which pivots about the same axis as the first pivoting member, a pair of nipping rollers mounted on the pivoting circle of an outer surface of the second pivoting member, a splicing device for the webs, a device for guiding the second web between the second pivoting member and the opposing element, and a cutting device for excess web material. The apparatus first guides the second web between the second pivoting member and the opposing element. Thereafter the second pivoting member and the opposing element converge to clamp the second web therebetween and an adhesive is applied to the second web. Next the first pivoting member pivots such that the second pivoting member, the opposing element, and the second web work in cooperation to contact the first web to the second web for splicing. The nipping rollers, second pivoting member, and opposing element cooperate to pinch the webs together to aid in splicing. The excess portions of both webs are cut and removed.

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