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Device for temporarily positioning a frame to be connected securely to a concrete wall during construction of the concrete wall

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #5634302.

A positioning device for positioning a frame between two parallel form panels of a wall form assembly when pouring concrete includes a positioning plate and two seal strips. The positioning plate is adapted to be fastened to one of the panels and has a planar positioning surface which abuts against the frame and which is adapted to be perpendicular to the panel. The seal strips are adapted to be located on two sides of the frame between the panels such that each of the strips is positioned between the frame and one of the panels. A liquid-tight seal is established between the frame and the panels. Assembly of the frame and the seal strips defines between the panels a concrete pouring space and a non-pouring space which are located on two sides of the assembly. The positioning plate is located in the non-pouring space, and the frame is positioned between the positioning plate and the concrete pouring space.

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