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Radially compressible cop for the winding of yarn

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5632451.

A radially compressible cylindrical cop for supporting yarn in the form of a tubular body between two end annular elements and comprising a first set of longitudinal rigid rods arranged angularly equidistant one in respect of the other and a second set of longitudinal rods which can be deformed in their transverse direction and which are likewise angularly equidistant one in respect of the other and arranged in positions intermediate to the rigid rods of the first set. Each deformable rod is connected to the adjacent rigid rods by rigid transverse stiffening tacks arranged longitudinally equidistant one in respect of the other with the rigid tacks which originate from an adjacent rigid rod and which are arranged in a position intermediate to the rigid tacks originating from the opposite adjacent rigid rod.

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