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Material feeding apparatus

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5632430.

A material feeding apparatus intermittently feeds a material having a relatively large width at high speed with high accuracy, whereby adjustment of the apparatus and the die maintenance can be readily performed, and the material will not be easily damaged. The material feeding apparatus includes a pair of gripper feeds which are provided on both the right and left sides of a press machine and actuated synchronously. Each of the gripper feeds comprises first gripper which can clamp and release the material, second gripper which reciprocatably moves along a direction of material conveyance to the first gripper and which can clamp and release the material, and cam for repeating such operations that, when the second gripper clamps the material at a conveyance start position, the first gripper means releases the material, and when the second gripper moves to a conveyance finish position, the first gripper clamps the material while the second gripper releases the material and returns to the conveyance start position.

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