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Collapsible shelter with elevated canopy

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #5632292.

The collapsible shelter includes a truss framework that provides an elevated, raised canopy that can be gabled or have a high peak in a raised, extended configuration. The canopy is supported by at least three legs, and outer perimeter and central truss pairs of link members pivotally connected in scissors configurations. The link members of the perimeter truss pairs are pivotally connected together in a scissors configuration so as to be extendable from a first collapsed position extending horizontally between adjacent legs to a second extended position extending above the legs, to elevate the canopy in a gabled or high peaked configuration. In a preferred embodiment, tensioning cables may also be secured between the legs and a central support connected to the central truss pairs, to provide additional strength and stability to the framework of the shelter in a raised, extended configuration.

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