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Pierced earring hole maintenance device

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5632163.

The present invention offers a pierced earring hole maintenance device with which it is possible to safely and hygienically maintain a small opening formed in the earlobe or the like for the purpose of attaching a pierced earring therein. The pierced earring hole maintenance device of the present invention consists of a resin material and comprises a rod portion, insertable into the small pierced earring hole formed to a position on the earlobe or the like, and a flange portion, provided to one end of the rod and having a maximum width greater than the size of the rod. Through the attachment of the pierced earring maintenance device of the present invention in the small hole formed at the position of attachment of a pierced earring to the earlobe or the like, it is possible to suitably maintain this small opening without causing such symptoms as skin eruptions to develop.

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