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Lavoratory assistance device

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5630236.

Lavatory assistance device for supporting and assisting persons having difficulty in sitting or standing. A stationary frame (5) is maintained in place by two jack-screws (29) pressing on the ceiling. Two moving connecting rods (25, 26) actuated by a cylinder (2), shift a cradle (20) supporting the user under the armpits. The user controls the lowering, stopping or raising manoeuvre by operating a control having handles (9) which are placed in front of the cradle. The force necessary for these manoeuvres is provided by pressure of water from the main supply acting on the cylinder piston (2) before falling again into the cistern for normal use. The hydraulic connection is made by fitting a special joint (17) in place of the existing tap. The arm-cradle assembly can be folded and blocked in a high position, for normal access to the lavatory. The device can be used in hospitals, homes for the elderly or the sick, rehabilitation centers, or it can be rented out.

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