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Grain cart

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #5628608.

An improved harvesting cart having a drive assembly for providing easy transition between PTO drive and hydraulic drive is disclosed. The harvesting cart has a drive shaft for engaging an auger flighting or other unloading mechanism. A forward end of the drive shaft is adapted to receive a complementary PTO coupling from a pulling vehicle. The drive assembly comprises a first sprocket positioned upon the drive shaft at a generally forward location, a hydraulic motor mounted adjacent to the drive shaft and having an output shaft extending parallel to the drive shaft, and a second sprocket positioned upon the output shaft of the hydraulic motor so as to be aligned in a working relationship to the first sprocket, such that the drive shaft may be either hydraulically-driven by the hydraulic motor via a chain operatively connecting the first sprocket with the second sprocket or PTO-driven by the pulling vehicle via the PTO coupling, the chain being easily installed and removed from about the first sprocket and the second sprocket by slightly adjusting the mounted position of the hydraulic motor so as to give slack to the chain.

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