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Oscillatory bed

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5625913.

An oscillatory bed for providing improved patient care in a hospital, nursing home or home health care setting by shifting a person's weight in order to reduce or eliminate problems encountered in convalescence or bed confinement. The subject oscillatory bed is characterized by having a removable cradle assembly received on top of a bed frame assembly. The cradle assembly may be oscillated by a microprocessor controlled electric motor or oscillated manually. The cradle assembly includes a cradle base attached at opposite ends to a semi-circular foot board and semi-circular head board. The bed frame assembly includes a pair of parallel longitudinal support members attached at opposite ends to a foot board support member and a head board support member. The foot board and head board support members include roller bearings mounted inside thereof for receiving the semi-circular foot board and head board thereon. In the motorized version of the bed the foot board support member includes a gear motor mounted within that engages a gear toothed or rubber friction equipped roller. The gear toothed or rubber friction equipped roller is used for engaging gear teeth or a rubberized friction strip around the circumference of the semi-circular foot board. When the gear motor is actuated the cradle assembly is rotated up to 40 degrees from the horizontal to either the right or left from an axis through the length of the bed.

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