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Method of farbicating an electroacoustic transducer

Image Number 16 for United States Patent #5625700.

The present invention provides a fabrication method of an electroacoustic transducer capable of simplifying an assembling process on a lead frame and realizing an automatic assembly. The method comprises steps of forming pole piece portions, forming a lead frame having a plurality of base forming areas thereon, each of the areas having lead terminals formed therein, forming bases of a synthetic resin on the lead frame by molding so that the pole piece portions are embedded in the bases, mounting a coil on the pole piece portions embedded in the bases, disposing a support ring and a magnet so as to surround the coil, and placing a diaphragm on the support ring to be held thereby, connecting opposite ends of the coil to the lead terminals, cutting off the lead terminals from the lead frame, putting cases on and fixedly joining the same to the bases, and subjecting the cut lead terminals to a forming process.

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