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Automated system and method for annotation using callouts

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #5621871.

An automated method of providing a callout in a display field of a visual display is disclosed. The processor designates first and second display locations in the display field and, responsively to a set of formatting criteria, automatically brings a callout into existence. The callout has a stem region and an annotation region, with the stem region having a first vertex displayed proximally to the designated first display location and a second vertex displayed proximally to the annotation region, and the annotation region being displayed proximally to the designated second display location. The processor can designate the first or second locations responsively to input accepted from a pointing device. The annotation region can contain an annotation that pertains to an item displayed in a vicinity of the first designated display location. The callout can be manipulated, in particular by rotation, with the callout being accurately displayed throughout the manipulation (so-called WYSIWYG display).

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