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Jet recording method

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #5621447.

In a jet recording method, a normally solid recording material is placed in a heat-melted state in a path defined by a nozzle leading to an ejection outlet and, in a recording step, is imparted with a thermal energy corresponding to a recording signal to generate a bubble, thus ejecting a droplet of the recording material out of the ejection outlet. As an improvement, in the recording step, the bubble is caused to communicate with ambience, and the droplet is ejected in a diameter d (.mu.m) and at an average speed v (m/sec) satisfying: 10.ltoreq.d.ltoreq.60 and 7.ltoreq.v.ltoreq.20. As a result, the droplet is deposited on a recording medium without pileup or scattering.

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