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Field emission display and method for fabricating the same

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #5620832.

A field emission display, and method of making, including: a first substrate; a transparent electrode formed on the first substrate; a fluorescent layer of emitting light formed on a predetermined area of the transparent electrode; an insulating layer formed around the fluorescent layer on the other areas of the transparent electrode; a gate electrode formed on the insulating layer; a second substrate; a conductive cathode layer formed on the second substrate; and a tip for emitting electrons formed on the conductive cathode layer, the tip being aligned with the fluorescent layer in such a way that they may stand opposed to each other at a distance under a vacuum condition. The electrons are emitted from the tip of the fluorescent layer under control of the gate electrode. The tip is formed by taper-etching the tip layer in a RIE process. Subsequent evaporation of the tip to sharpen it is not necessary. This simplifies, and cuts the cost of, fabrication of the FED.

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