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Running body and racing game apparatus using the same

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5618233.

A running body having an animal model with four legs such as a horse model for a horse racing game, and a racing game apparatus using a plurality of the running bodies, are disclosed. Each running body comprises a movable body which can be transferred along a track formed on a table, and an animal model having four legs, of which the fore and hind legs can be swung back and forth accompanying the movement of the movable body and which can move on or above the track. The animal model comprises: a pair of upper limbs of fore legs, each of which conducts a predetermined swinging back and forth on a shaft attached to a barrel of the animal model; a pair of lower limbs of fore legs, each of which conducts a predetermined swinging back and forth on a shaft attached to a lower portion of the upper limb, by the swinging of the pair of upper limbs; and a swinging mechanism for swinging the pair of upper limbs by changing the transfer movement of the movable body to a swinging movement.

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