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Speed learning system computer based training

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5616033.

A training system including a visual display, a computer, a mouse and a keyboard for data entry into the system, such data entry including problems presented as situations/simulations tailored to the particular type of training to be conducted together with trainee responses to questions relating to such situations/simulations. Provision is made for the trainees to prepare and record their own narrative solutions to such situations/simulations, following which, the system presents sets of multiple choice solutions and asks the trainees to select what they believe are the best solutions from among those that are presented. The system then critiques trainee selections. For each situation/simulation, if the optimum solution has been selected, the system identifies the reasons why that selection is optimal and repeats the related situation/simulation at least once more after moving on to another situation/simulation before the training session is completed. If the optimum solution has not been selected, the system repeats its request for identification of the optimum solution, critiquing each answer until the correct one has been selected.

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