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Process for producing plastic laminates with metal laminae

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5615470.

The process for making plastic laminates, each of which consists of a package having an upper face and a lower face and consisting of a stack of prepreg sheets with a metal lamina on each face, includes the steps of providing a stack of prepreg sheets with a metal band passing in a serpentine manner back and forth through the stack; connecting end portions of the metal band to a source of electric current of sufficient power and passing the electric current through the metal band to heat the metal band and the prepreg sheets, applying pressure to the prepreg sheets with the metal band passing therethrough in a serpentine manner and, after application of sufficient heat and pressure, cutting through bends formed in the metal band to form a plurality of plastic laminates, each consisting of a stack of prepreg sheets sandwiched between metal laminae formed from the metal band.

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