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Miss distance vector scoring system

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5614910.

A miss distance scoring system comprising four antennas which are configu to provide for an optimal radiation pattern of pulsed radio frequency energy to determine a missile's miss distance and miss direction from a target. Reflected pulses from a missile are received by each of the four antennas and then supplied by a radio frequency switch to a scalar scoring system which provides an analog video signal to four analog switches. The four analog switches are also connected to a controller which provides control signals to the switches to separately activate each switch. The activated analog switch then samples and holds the analog video signal with the sample being provided to an associated bandpass filter of the switch which is one of four bandpass filters. The sampled portions of the analog video signal are provided to a multiplexer and then passed sequentially through the multiplexer. The resulting doppler video signal is supplied to an analog to digital converter which converts this signal to an equivalent doppler digital signal. The equivalent doppler digital signal is next supplied to a pulse code modulation encoder which encodes the signal into a serial bit stream and provides a frame sync to the serial bit stream for transmission to a ground station by a transmitter and its associated antenna.

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