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Orthodontic brace

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5609482.

An orthodontic brace which is easy to use and which will optimize the relation between moment and force includes a guide mechanism that includes an upper bending stable mounting bar, two lower mounting bars, and substantially rectilinear wires connected between the upper mounting bar and each of the lower mounting bars. The lower mounting bars are fastened to an arch wire or a bracket on the teeth desired to be moved by fastening locks. As the springs of the orthodontic brace are made up of the wires, which are made from a superelastic material, and which are fixed in the bars, a desired moving, in relation to another tooth segment, may be obtained in form of a translation, which possibly is combined with a rotation of a tooth segment. The desired movement depends on the form of the guide mechanism. The applied force will substantially be constant, and due to the torsion stable guide mechanism, which with torsion stability is connected with a tooth to be moved, a self-adjusting contribution of moment is obtained. Consequently, an unintended rotation is obviated during movement.

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