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Necktie construction

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5600851.

A pre-tied easily removable necktie includes an elongated strand of relatively soft, fabric having a relatively narrow end and a relatively wide end in overlapping relationship, tied to provide a permanent, adhesively fused knot therein and wherein a pair of tails extend away from the knot; and a relatively inelastic neck belt removably secured between the pair of tails, the neck belt having an elastic portion spliced between opposite ends thereof. A method of forming the pre-tied necktie includes the steps of:a) tying the tie to include a full Windsor knot;b) smoothing out any pleats or puckers in the fabric where the fabric exits the knot;c) injecting a heat activatable adhesive into the knot, between layers of the fabric within the knot;d) placing the tie in a microwave oven and subjecting the tie to microwave heating to thereby activate the adhesive; ande) curing the adhesive within the knot to form a relatively rigidified knot construction.

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