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Memory cartridge with interface having graphics co-processor

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #5599232.

A memory cartridge for use in a video game console includes an interface and a compact game catridge removably attachable to the interface. The compact game cartridge has a Read Only Memory in it storing at least one game program to be executed by the game console. The compact game cartridge may so include other components dedicated to the at least one game program necessary for the game console to execute the game program. The interface has electrical circuitry therein such as for example, a bank switching controller, graphics memory, a security circuit to satisfy a security system in the gaming console etc, which is not dedicated to any specific game program but which nonetheless, is necessary for the game console to execute a game program stored in a compact game cartridge. In this manner, all non-dedicated circuitry needed for a game program to be executed in the game console is included in the interface, allowing inexpensive compact game cartridges having only game program specific components therein, to be manufactured. A range of compact game cartridges therefore, be attached to a single interface and loaded into the game console allowing the game programs stored in the compact game cartridges to be executed.

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