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Motion picture film advancement apparatus with vibration reduction

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5593078.

A rotary film advancement apparatus for use in a motion picture camera or projector which uses film having pairs of evenly spaced perforations located near the edges of the film having a steering channel which defines a closed loop path having a pre-selected contour. A rotor is mounted on the stator and rotates at a selected angular velocity in a given direction of rotation about a rotor axis which extends through the interior of the closed loop contour. At least one claw is pivotally mounted to the rotor about a pivot axis which is radially spaced from the rotor axis and has a claw tip dimensioned to engage a film perforation. The claw tip rotates with the rotor at a claw tip rotational speed. A steering pin spaced from the claw tip and the pivot axis follows the path of the steering channel thereby pivoting the claw tip both forwardly and backwardly, and inwardly and outwardly.

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