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Bullet molding apparatus

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5592986.

The apparatus comprises first and second mold blocks, each having a pair of matching mold half cavities and being adapted to be held in assembled relationship with the half cavities in abutting register, to define, a pair of full cavities. The apparatus further includes a sprue cutter plate pivotally mounted on the upper surface of one of the blocks. The sprue plate also has (i) a pair of orifice holes in a lower planar surface spaced so as to be aligned with the tops of the full cavities, (ii) a pair of spaced apart countersinks recessed into an upper planar surface and in respective connecting register with the pair of orifice holes, and (iii) a trough in the upper planar surface connecting the pair of countersinks. The apparatus further includes a source of molten metal controllable to provide a preselected stream of molten metal for a preselected length of time to initially impinge the mid point of the trough and thence flow laterally to both of the countersinks and thence downwardly through the orifices into the pair of full cavities.

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