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Beverage container with extendable drinking straw

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #5579948.

A beverage container with a rotatable dome 4 and an extendable drinking upper straw 3. The container comprises an open ended body 1 closed by a removable cap 2, upper straw means 3 linearly movably fitted on the cap, a dome 4 rotatably fitted on the cap 2 for rotation movement relative to the cap 2, and link means (45, 32) for translating the rotational movement of the dome 4 into the linear movement of the upper straw means 3 on the cap 2, whereby the rotation of the dome 4 causes the upper straw means 3 to linearly move on the cap 2 between a first position wherein the tube section 31 of the upper straw means 3 extends through the lateral opening 28 of the cap 2 and the elongate slot 422 of the dome 4 and is in liquid communication with the nipple 284 of the cap 2, and a second position wherein the tube section 31 of the upper straw means 3 is withdrawn within the dome 4 and is not in liquid communication with the nipple 284 of the cap 2.

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