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Liquid crystal display having IC driving circuits formed on first and second substrates

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5576868.

A liquid crystal display in which driver ICs are directly mounted on substrates for accessing a display portion according to a COG mounting method, where the outward connecting portion of each driver IC is arranged in a direction substantially perpendicular to that of the display portion viewed from an IC mounting portion on which the driver IC is mounted, each outward connecting portion connecting input electrodes connected to the input terminals of each driver IC to each external wiring. The projecting lengths of flanges of the liquid crystal display on the substrates are shortened and consequently the outer dimensions of the liquid crystal display are reduced by more than 20%. Moreover, it is also possible to increase the yield of a multiple-display layout by more than 50% during manufacture. Furthermore, in case of manufacturing an active-matrix liquid crystal display employing anodic oxidation method, common-electrode-cutting-off portions and consequently the cutting-off process thereof can be omitted to simplify the manufacturing process.

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