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Junction and modular optical sharing terminal assembly

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #5570450.

A junction and modular optical sharing terminal assembly incorporates a vertically-extending frame having a plurality of frame plates vertically mounted thereon and a plurality of horizontally-extending, telescopic tray guides mounted on the frame plates and which are movable between a retracted position and a horizontally-extended position. Horizontal tray modules rest on the tray guides and are movable between a retracted position and a horizontally-extended position. The tray modules include warehousing, junction, and connector trays, each having identical perimeters and terminating at their sides with identical anchoring bands which removably rest on the tray guides, and each including a molded part at its front edge. A resilient trigger band is mounted on each of the anchoring bands, and interacts with the molded part and the tray guides to lock the tray modules in their extended and retracted positions. A housing encloses the frame, the frame plates, the tray guides, and the tray modules. The housing also encloses a plurality of inner frame sides which are mounted on the frame, a plurality of cable guides positioned at different heights on the inner frame sides for carrying and guiding access cables, and a plurality of adjacent, modular split flanges for receiving access cables.

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