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Shrimp deveining machine having precision cutting control

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5569065.

A shrimp deveining machine for cutting and deveining shrimp comprises a motorized driving mechanism inside a housing and a cutting mechanism outside the housing. An upper pair of rotating flexible disks grasps the top side of shrimp bodies and propel them past a cutting disk which slices the sand vein from the back of the shrimp. A lower pair of flexible disks is mounted on an adjusting shaft which may be positioned to adjust the depth of cut on the shrimp. The lower pair of flexible disks grasps the bottom side of the shrimp bodies and dynamically adjusts the position of the shrimp bodies in relation to the cutting disk, thereby achieving a more uniform depth of cut on shrimp of different sizes. The flexible disks also prevent longitudinal rotation of the shrimp bodies, and enable the deveining machine to make a butterfly cut on the shrimp bodies.

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