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Method of magnetic resonance imaging tomography for the simultaneous production of a plurality of image slices

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5568050.

A method for the production and recording of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) signals in chosen regions of an investigational object with which, in an excitation step, a narrow band radio frequency (RF) pulse is irradiated into the investigational object in a homogeneous static magnetic field in the presence of a slice selection gradient G.sub.S in order to produce an NMR signal in a selected slice of the investigational object, and with which, in a recording step, the produced NMR signal is read-out in the presence of a read gradient G.sub.R which is perpendicular to the slice selection gradient G.sub.S, is characterized in that, in a time interval between the excitation step and the recording step, further RF pulses are each irradiated in the presence of a slice selection gradient G.sub.S whereby, in the time intervals between the irradiation of the RF pulses, further gradient pulses are switched-in in the direction of the read gradient G.sub.R and the additional time-shifted sequential NMR signals thereby produced are read-out in the presence of the read gradient G.sub.R. In this manner the overall recording time can be substantially reduced.

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